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Happy Life

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Happy life, I have seen in their faces a happy moment while they were playing with nature. They had no artificial games or toys as they even don’t know about such playthings. They just know that all they have to play together no matter what are the playthings.

But when my little camera focused on them they looked amazed as it is new to them. To them my camera is stranger than me an unknown guy.
I said they are happy in a sense that they want nothing because they don’t know anything. Their world and idea is very simple than the ‘others’. When they are in child life they have to play with nature and when they become stronger to work they have to go to working field in order to feed a family. And later they give birth to another child like them.

So they are happy because they have already known about their life strategy or fate. They need no plaything, no education, no qualification or no future plan. Their born is their qualification while nature is their teacher and the future plan? It’s simple. Feeding the family is their future plan.

One comment on “Happy Life

  1. adil sakhawat
    June 30, 2011

    Its really true for many native children in our country.We the “others” should be happy like them whatever we owned.Beside this we have to be satisfied in our own work whatever we do.Then we the “others” will be happy like those happy children in this post…………….nice post by Mr. Abid Azad.

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