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The other side of law

Dushtami korona, pulish eshey marbey (Stop being naughty, or else the police will come and beat you),” Saiful Haq, father of a three-year-old, thought this would be his warning, from now on, to his mischievous kid. The idea took shape when the news of a Dhaka University (DU) student named Abdul Quader was beaten mercilessly by police, who claimed Quader was a robber. Saiful, a service holder expressed his frustration over this terrible behaviour of the police force of this country while he spoke with this reporter at the Teachers Students Centre (TSC) on the DU campus.

Fazle Rabbi, a DU student, said, “This is humiliating and disgraceful; how could police beat Quader so brutally, even when he said he was a university student?”

Another DU student Shamima Sultana said, “It is said that police are friends of general people. Is this the real picture of their friendship?”

The incident with Quader is not the only one that questions the impartiality of law enforcement. On 23 March this year, a Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) team shot Limon………….

To read the full story click here

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