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Bike Stunt

We often enjoy different kinds of action sequences in Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies that involve motorbike stunts. Quite fascinating and dangerous, motorcycle stunt is a popular sport in many countries; names of stunt riders like AC Farias form Brazil, and Chris Pfeiffer and Jorian Ponomareff from France are spoken with great reverence in the world of motorbikes.

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Meanwhile, motorcycle stunts are a rare occurrence in Bangladeshi movies, but that does not imply there is a shortage of interest in the sport in the country. There are many fans of motorbike stunts who follow several TV shows on it. Sporadic incidences of motorbike races are seen on the streets in and around the capital – in the areas like Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Uttara, as well as on the highways.

As stunt riding is a seemingly difficult task, most bike riders refrain from it and indulge themselves in motorbike racing on open roads.

Interestingly, a few of Dhaka’s young and enthusiastic motorbike riders have developed interest in stunt riding. This reporter found one such passionate stunt team in the city who started their journey in November 2007. They call themselves Haunt Riderz (HRz); their motto is “Ride Safely”. There are currently six riders in the team. With their thorough, hard work for several years, the stunt riders are now appearing in many events, showing fascinating stunt performances.

“There are many motorbike racing groups in Dhaka, but none of them are good stunt riders yet. Motorcycle stunt riding is a passion of ours. We fell in love with our motorbikes when we got them, and started to explore many possibilities after a while. Now we have an ambitious dream for stunt riding,” says Mithun Mridha, a dedicated member of HRz.

Besides HRz, there are only a handful of riders in the capital who has personally tried stunt riding. However, in our neighbouring country India, motorbike stunt riding is quite popular, having a great platform in Indian cinema.

While talking to HRz members, this reporter was informed that they practice in
well-controlled environment with sufficient precautions put into place to ensure their safety as well as others’.

“With our stunt performances, we also aim at encouraging those who are dangerously involved with motorbike racing, as we see many young lives lost due to reckless driving in the city. Although stunt riding is a difficult and risky task, it is done here in a strictly controlled environment at the speed of no more than 30-40kmph. So it is safer than racing.”

HRz members train for stunt riding following a collection of lessons from several sources as there is no training facility regarding the sport in the country. They perform several forms of stunts, like wheelie, stoppie, human compass, etc. They learn from their friends abroad as well as videos on the internet. All of them have acquired their vehicles in a proper way and carry legal driving licences.

“If anyone wishes to learn bike stunt riding, internet is one of the best sources in our country. Besides, we can also help anyone who wishes to become a stunt rider since we have completed basic training. However, one should remember to have a legal bike and driving licence and appropriate safety gear,” says Raisur Rahman Sazzad, another biker of HRz.

“Without proper guidelines, safety gear, and controlled environment, no one should attempt to try stunt riding; it may cause severe harm,” he adds.

As mentioned before, they are quite vocal about the sport and the necessary
precautionary measures as they want to promote motorcycle stunt riding in our country, which is already quite accepted in the global sports arena.

“We want to make it popular in our country, as well as introduce a new sport. If
our government provides adequate support and facilities, bike riders of our country can bring fame and foreign currency as well,” says Mithun, who is also an ACCA student.

“Bike stunt riders have a suitable platform in India – quite the opposite scenario than that in our country. Both the pro and amateur stunt riders in this country expect to receive some sort of patronisation in the field, as we believe our riders can definitely make a mark in the international arena,” says Ziaur Rahman Siddique, another devoted member of HRz.

“With proper guidance and support, motorbike stunt riding could be a new and
interesting source of entertainment in our country. We might also finally get to see the action stunts in our local cinema as well,” the HRz members conclude.

This story was published at Morning Tea titled Stunt on two Wheels

2 comments on “Bike Stunt

  1. Anupam
    February 10, 2012

    Wow. That was a great story. Hope, in the future stories, we get more in-depth information. Keep it on brother.

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