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Parag is Back

The kidnapping of Parag, his return and the mystery surronding the ransom.

It was around 7 am on 11 November. The place was Shuvadda area under South Keraniganj Thana. Like on any other morning, Lipi Rani Mondal was ready to take her little son and daughter to their school.

Her son Murali Mohan Jiban Mondal (6), also known as Parag, and daughter Pinaki Mondal (11) were students of Class 1 and 4
respectively at Banglabazaar Heed International School. Their driver was also ready to take them to their school, waiting outside their home. The area was still not crowded and the environment was calm except a boy was at a nearby hotel preparing breakfast for the passersby. Lipi came out with her two children and got in the car.

Suddenly, a man came over by the car and asked the driver, Nazrul Islam (35), to give the key of the car. By this time, three more men approached the car and started to fire shots first aiming at Nazrul, and then on Lipi and her little daughter Pinaki as the gang kidnapped her son Parag. The four criminals who kidnapped Parag made him wear a
helmet and fled the area with two motorbikes carrying firearms openly. The whole area, within a very short time, became crowded as the silence broke with the shouting and gunshots fired by the kidnappers. The three injured were taken to the hospital immediately.

After three days, on Tuesday night at around 11 pm, Parag was found at Nayabazaar near Atibazaar area under Keraniganj. A local guard in the area said that a man and a woman came on a motorbike and they kept something on the ground and went away. The guard then approached the spot and found a boy senseless. He then took the boy and brought him to Osman who is the owner of a nearby store. Osman recognised the boy as he found similarity between the boy and the image he saw on the television and newspapers. Parag was later taken to Dipu Sarkar, Osman’s neighbour, who worked at J K Engineering where Parag’s father Bimal Chandra Mondal is the Managing Director. Sarkar then called Bimal, informing him that he has found his son. Later, Bimal came and took the traumatised Parag and admitted him in ICU at Square Hospital for treatment. After the incident, Parag’s grandmother Sabitri Mondal filed a case against some anonymous with South Keraniganj thana on Sunday night.

This was the brief story of how Parag was kidnapped and rescued. However, the more interesting incidents and obscurities happened amid these two events.

Law enforces arrested 7 people of the gang in connection with the abduction of Parag till this report was written. Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested six members involved with the kidnapping on Wednesday night from Jurain, Mohammadpur and Keraniganj areas said RAB officials at a press conference.

The arrested individuals were Jahidul Hasan (19), Md Ali Rifat (19), Md Kalachan (35), Rizvi Ahmed Anik (18), Md Alfaz (18) and Abul Kashem
(36). The motorbike which was used during the abduction was also seized. Among the arrested, Jahidul and Rifat were directly involved in the crime while Kalachan provided the kidnappers with information and the rest of them gave shelter to the kidnappers, said RAB media wing director Mohammad Sohail at the same conference on Thursday noon.

Jahidul is a HSC student of Dhania College at Jatrabari and Ali Rifat is a student of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institute in Dhaka. According to the local source and people, Kalachan is a CNG driver who once worked at Bimal’s company allegedly provided the kidnappers with information about Bimal’s family.

Earlier, the South Keraniganj police arrested Mamun (44), from Munshiganj. RAB officials claimed that, they identified Kashem’s brother-in-law Amir Hossain and his associate Al-Amin as the masterminds of this abduction. RAB also claimed that, Amir, Rifat and Jahid were present at the time of abduction while Al-Amin drove Amir’s motorbike while escaping.

Interestingly, on the other hand, the police said that Kalachan kidnapped the boy and five others helped him. They also mentioned that Mamun is a relative of Amir.

A Dhaka court allowed Mamun to be remanded in police custody for a seven day interrogation. On the other hand, a High Court bench issued a rule to provide extra security to Parag’s family. Police were deployed for the protection of Parag since his admission to the hospital and also in his home at Keraniganj.

Detective Branch (DB) of police, in a drive, arrested Amir Hossain, the prime accused of schoolboy Parag abduction case, from Goalondo ferry ghat area of Rajbari on Tuesday night.

According to RAB, the gang’s main motive was to grab a large amount of money from Parag’s father. However, it was found from the local people that, to make this abduction successful some leaders and activists of Juba League had helped Amir. Among them, Juel Mollah, Faruk, Najir and Shawpan were the main associates who were supposed to get a portion of the ransom amount.

The mystery over the ransom

A mystery arose regarding the ransom which was asked for the life of Parag. RAB claimed that Parag was released for Tk 50 lakh while the police denied about the payment of ransom. On the other hand, Home Minister Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir said to the media, “Parag was rescued by fulfilling of the kidnappers condition. But I have no
information about any kinds of ransom dealing.”

“There are enough documents to prove the ransom dealing” the director of RAB intelligence Jiaul Ahsan told the reporters.

Arrested Rifat told the reporters, “When Amir stayed at his sister’s home, I had a talk with him. He said that without receiving Tk 50 lakh he did not leave the child.”

A RAB official, requesting for anonymity, said, “On the abduction day (Sunday) the kidnappers made a phone call to Parag’s father demanding Tk 2 crore. Later the demand fell to Tk 1 crore and lastly the agreement of ransom was set for Tk 50 lakh.”

Meanwhile, Parag’s father Bimal, also a businessman and landlord, claimed that he did not pay any ransom but RAB had sent the transcript and a CD of the conversation about the payment of ransom to the Home Ministry.

According to the conversation between Bimal and the kidnappers, recorded by the intelligence and detectives in Dhaka, the kidnappers agreed to release Parag for Tk 50 lakh but the arrestees claimed that they do not clearly know about the ransom.

Arrested Jahid and Rifat said to the reporters that they were present at the spot but did not participate in the abduction. “I am a victim in this situation. Amir told me to come at that place with my motorbike as he
will go to collect his money for the land business, for which I went there with Rifat.

Suddenly, Amir fired gunshots and escaped the place with the boy. Amir sat behind Al Amin on the motorbike keeping the boy in middle of them and Amin drove the bike.”

Jahid also claimed that, before the abduction Amir took their mobile phones and gave a new one to them and told them to contact him with this phone set. Rifat said that he knew Amir as a businessman and he
offered him to provide for his educational costs. Kashem claimed that he did not know about the abduction at first. Kalachan said that Amir offered to buy him a new CNG if he provides the information about Bimal’s children.

Amid all such mystery and obscurity, Parag was released alive and is now in a much better condition. His mother and sister including the driver are also well now. Parag’s grandmother Sabitri said, “Now I am much happy to find my lovely. I am happy for my beautiful Pinaki.”

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