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Birdem Treating More Diabetic Minors Every Day

The physician said there are 600 children in Faridpur and Chittagong who are diabetic patients

One or two new diabetic patients aged below 18 are admitted to the Birdem Hospital every day, Dr Samin Taiyeb, additional coordinator of the Changing Diabetes in Children Programme (CDIC) at the Birdem Hospital, told the Dhaka Tribune yesterday.

She said there are 2,000 non-adult diabetic patients in the capital at present and the number is growing every year.

“In 2008, only 112 children had diabetes but the number rose to 319 last year. The figure will be higher at the end of this year,” she said.

The physician said there are 600 children in Faridpur and Chittagong who are diabetic patients.

According to the World Health Organisation, Type 1 diabetes is characterised by deficiency in insulin production and requires daily administration of insulin.

CDIC educator Jahura Khanam told the Dhaka Tribune children were frightened when they first came to the hospital accompanied by their parents but much of their fear was gone when they received proper counselling and other services.

“We have physicians, diabetic educators, psychologists and nutritionists to deliver reliable service to non-adult diabetic patients and their parents. Besides, the service is free,” she said.

“Children who have the disease under control need to have insulin injected in their bodies two times a day but there should be an extra dose for others,” she added.

Jahura said parents, instead of being scared about their children contracting diabetes, should become more aware about the health condition and food habit of the patients.

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