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Attack on Indigenous People in Rangamati

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Around 8:30am on December 16, the 44th Victory Day of the country , several hundred settlers attacked the houses and shops of the indigenous people, looted and set them on fire at Chhuridas Para under Naniachar in the Rangamati hill district area. Most of them fled their houses to save their lives, and returned to find only ashes. The attacks have further aggravated the miseries of the local indigenous people as they lost their recent harvest too.

According to the local government officials, military persons and indigenous people, the attack occurred following an allegation of destruction in the settlers’ pineapple orchard situated in the Chouddo Mile area.

Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samity (PCJSS) Information and Publicity Secretary Mangal Kumar Chakma told the Dhaka Tribune: “According to the rules in the CHT, settlers cannot own any land here as they are not  permanent residents in this area. The District Council is the authority to check on who can or cannot own land here. ”

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