Things that make you to Think

In the name of Felicity

Gaye Holud ( a wedding ritual of the Muslim people)…

The bride, a garment’s worker, is given henna on her hand…

At the beauty parlor…

Coming back from the beauty parlor…

Posing to a camera man…

The bridegroom, who is also a garment’s worker, and his guests are welcomed warmly at the bride’s house. Traditionally it goes on, bride’s younger are used to stand around the bridegroom while he arrives and demand for some gift. A bridegroom then has to provide some gift and then enter the house…

Here the wedding couple doing some formalities…

Now its time for the bride to leave her home and family…

They are boarding on a rickshaw. The bride’s family say her ‘Good Bye’…

The journey starts…

*****  *****  *****

Once I got a chance to attend a wedding party of a 17 years teenage girl named Akhtara. She works in a garments factory from more than a year. She goes to the factory at around 6am and comes back to her home at about 7pm to 8pm. More than 12 hours hard working she earns some Taka 4000 which she hands over to her elder sister Rabeya, who is also working in a garments factory.

Akhtara has two sisters and a brother, among them only the brother Anwar continues his study. His father and three sisters earn together to feed the family and to bear his education cost as Anwar once will be a educated person who can bear the family in future.

I was feeling happy and proud of them when I saw that the family did not keep away themselves from doing anything for Akhtara’s wedding though they have a small income. But they have done everything for Akhtara’s happiness.

From the lightening of the entire house, inviting around 200 guests and including others costs the family, however, also provided dowry for Akhtara’s happiness.

But the most important situation is, still in our country, like Akhtara’s family, almost all lower families used to provide dowry in their daughter’s marriage in the name of happiness and to make their daughter as a demanded person in her husband’s family, but at the same time, they do it with a smiling face.

However, it is not done only in lower class’s people, it also continues in upper class. But the interesting fact is that in the upper class the dowry is called as a gift from the bride’s family to the bridegroom. In lower class dowry is wanted directly while it is taken as like a gift in the upper class.

Now Akhtara’s family left two more girls to get them married. May be, the family still continues their hard working to manage more money to celebrate another two wonderful wedding party.

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